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Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

I have an announcement.  I can barely contain myself.  I want to shout it from the rooftops.  I’M IN LOVE!!!!!!  Yes you heard me.  I’m in love.  It’s not a new love.  I have rekindled an old love, a summer fling.  Who or what is the object of my affection you ask?  It is none other than 1987’s “Dirty Dancing” starring Patrick Swayze and the very adorable Jennifer Grey.  I know, I know another dance movie, but I just can’t seem to get enough.  You all know how important dance is to me.  It permeates my life from all directions.  I had forgotten how wonderful this movie is and I recommend you go out and rent it right now.  This very minute… or you can wait until you finish reading. Whatever.


This is such an inspirational feel-good movie that it changed my life forever.  I was so conflicted with what direction my life should take.  On one hand I had my dream of going to Mount Holyoke College to major in economics so I could eventually join the Peace Corps.  And on the other hand, I wanted to run around and look adorable as I danced on bridges and logs and in the lake with that hot dance instructor, Johnny Castle.  This movie made me realize I could have it all.  I mean it was 1963 and things they were a changin’.


Oh wait, that’s not me.  That was Baby from the movie.  Sometimes I just get so caught up in the moment I think I am actually in the movie.  Sorry. 


But it did change me.  Here I was a beautiful, sexy dancer, a Rockette even and my life had no direction.  My mother kicked me out at sixteen and I had been dancing ever since.  I found myself preggers by Robbie, the waiter and creep, and in 1963 this was a huge problem.  I thought there was no hope until Baby got me the money for my abortion I mean my appointment (they never say the word abortion not one time in the whole movie).  Is this kid for real?  I can’t believe she gave me the money even after I was so mean to her when she tried to help.  I even told her “Go back to your playpen, Baby.” 


Oops, I did it again.  That’s not me either.  That’s Penny (Cynthia Rhodes).  Where is my medication????


Remember when Baby talks to Johnny the first time and when asked what she’s doing there she says “I carried a watermelon.”  OMG.  How embarrassing.  We’ve all had those moments when we meet someone we admire and say something stupid.  Please share your “I carried a watermelon” story with me.


Okay, so this is a really good movie.  There’s a lot of dancing, awesome music and sex.  Oh, and a lot of “Dirty Dancing”.  Who knew people in the Catskills were so talented and horny?? 


I would like to talk about the Dirty Dancing Dancers.  I know they were all supposed to work at the resort but did anyone ever see any of them working except for Johnny and Penny?  They were always dancing and grinding on each other.  I mean not that dancing and grinding is not a job in and of it self.  I wouldn’t know.  I’m just saying. 


Oh, also, I almost forgot.  When you watch the dancers and I know you will – look for Amy Winehouse.  She was one the dancers.  I swear.


Let me talk about the fashions for one minute.  Baby’s wardrobe is really cute except for that bulky blue sweater she wears at the beginning.  I hate that sweater.  But that’s before she boinks Johnny and gets all sexy.  And I do have to mention the pink ballet flats with the “X” strap.  I had those shoes.  Too. Cute.  Johnny, on the other hand, only wore black.  That’s it, Bad Boy Black. 


Remember that old couple who was caught stealing all the wallets?  There is a scene where the old lady drops her purse and all the wallets fall out.  Baby and Penny help her pick up her things. Any of this sound familiar?  The old lady says something that I have never been able to make out.  Something like “such charm, such charm” or “suck my arm, suck my arm” or something.  If you know what she says…please tell me.


They have all these silly activities at Kellerman’s and one of my favorites is “The Hair Raising Wig Show”.  And all the women sit around and try on wigs like Sandra Dee, Jackie Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor.  But no Little Richard wigs.  Thank goodness. All this is announced by the resorts comedian who is none other than Newman from Seinfeld.  


Early on Baby is sort of fixed up with Neil, Mr. Kellermans nephew, and they have this scene that I think is too funny.  They are standing outside and Neil says “I love to watch your hair blowing in the breeze.”  Baby is looking off to the side and rolling her eyes and she says that maybe her parents are looking for her.  Neil says “Baby, don’t worry if they think your with me, they’ll be the happiest parents at Kellerman’s.  I have to say it.  I’m known as the catch of the county.”  I’m thinking – you’re losing me Neil, Baby you need to get away from this loser.  Then Neil says those three little words that every girl dreams of hearing -“Are you hungry?”  And I’m back in.  Neil seems like a nice guy and he has access to the kitchen.  I love him.


There are so many good scenes that involve Lisa, Baby’s sister.  I really like the one where she has decided to go all the way with Robbie, the waiter and creep.  And she tells Baby and Baby says no wait until it’s with someone you love.  And Lisa says “You don’t care about me.  You wouldn’t care if I humped the entire army… as long as we were on the right side of the Ho Chi Minh trail.  What you care about is that you’re not Daddy’s girl anymore.  He listens to when I talk now, and you hate that.”  I love it that she is able to work humping and Vietnam into this one conversation.  You go Lisa! 


Here is my favorite scene.  Let me break it down for you:


Johnny and Baby are practicing for their performance at the Sheldrake.  They do the final move and she hurts his back and he says something like are you trying to kill me?  Is this fun?  And she’s like yes this is my idea of fun.  We’re supposed to do the show in two days, you won’t show me the lifts, I’m not sure of the turns.  I’m doing all this to save your ass and what I really want to do is drop you on it.  And then he says let’s get outta here.


And they go outside in the rain and he has locked his keys in the car.  That song Overload is playing and Johnny pulls up one of these stakes or poles whatever they are from the parking lot and as the music is playing boom, boom he knocks the window out with the pole with the beat of the music.  It’s always cool to break glass in tune with the music. 


Then they are driving down the road and Baby says “You’re wild!” and he’s like “What?” and she says even louder “YOU’RE WIIIILD!”  I love that part. 


In spite of its name, “Dirty Dancing” is quite a family friendly movie well except for the premarital sex, adultery, lying, stealing, and the abortion   I mean – appointment.


So watch the movie and enjoy it.  Here is a clip to hold you over until you can get to the video store:




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One kid. One town. One chance.

Guess what was on TV last night???  Only one of the most awesome movies of the 80’s and there were a lot of them.  “Footloose” starring Kevin Bacon.  You know the one where Ren (Kevin Bacon) moves to a small town from Chicago where he was in some kind of trouble…drugs.  But don’t say anything.  And the town is all strict and doesn’t allow any kind of nonsense especially dancing or Reverend Shaw Moore will condemn your very soul to Satan.  He has this crazy-ass daughter named Ariel. Not the mermaid, although they do have a lot in common.  Like difficulties getting along with their fathers, wanting to get out of their small towns or oceans, red boots, red hair, no legs, skinny legs.  That reminds of the scene where Ariel and Chuck have a fight because he has finally figured out that she likes Ren.  It took him a long time, because Chuck is, well, dumb.  Rusty, one of Ariel’s friends, (played by Sarah Jessica Parker-now we know where Carrie Bradshaw lived before she moved to NYC) said “Chuck never did have all his dogs barking.”  Hee, hee.  That’s pretty dumb.  Anyway, they are fighting and Chuck says “I guess you’ll wrap those skinny legs around anyone.”  Great line, but it hurt me almost as much as it hurt Ariel.  I cannot tell you how many times jealous, angry ex-boyfriends have said that exact same thing to me. I’m okay.  So then Chuck gets all mean and nasty and hits her, but man she doesn’t give up.  She gets up and goes all Carrie Underwood on his truck.


Okay, anyway, if you have not seen this movie in awhile, you should really watch it.  It is still a good movie with some great songs.  Of course Footloose by Kenny Loggins, Holding Out forA Hero by Bonnie Tyler, Dancing in the Sheets by Shalamar, The Girl Gets Around by none other than Slammy Hagar.   Remember that song is on when Ariel (played by Lori Singer-whatever happened to that skinny chick?  Anyone know?  Get back to me on that one) is straddling the two trucks heading down the highway almost hitting an oncoming diesel.  Let me tell you this is not as easy as it seems.  I mean first you have to like round up two really good drivers, stretch and get limber, psych yourself up and last but certainly not least, smoke like a ton of crack. 


I must discuss the fashions in this show.  Pretty bad.  What is up with all the high water, high-waisted jeans.  Did we really dress like that?  Yikes.  But nobody rocks high-waisted, tight, acid washed Lee jeans like the Bacon.  Speaking of the Bacon, did anyone remember that he had quite a bulge?  Especially in that scene where he is dancing at the mill,  I mean his sausage was smoking. Get it sausage-bacon-get it?  It’s a wiener reference. 


Let’s Hear It for the Boys is another really good song.  It is playing when Ren is trying to teach Willard (Chris Penn, rest in peace) to dance.  The boots on the bleachers scene is totally awesome.  I am going to throw in a Terry J. reference even though some people will argue with me about the similarities between Kevin Bacon and Terry J., but I still see it.  However, Willard reminds me of Troy B. (If you didn’t go to high school with me, then you probably don’t know Terry J. and Troy B. so consider yourselves lucky and bear with me one this one.)  So, in my mind, (which is a scary place) I keep picturing Terry J. trying to teach Troy B. to dance.  In my dreams.  Okay, so anyway, I think the Reverend has more to worry about than some dance.  Is it just me or did anyone notice that Ren and Willard were getting a little to close during those dance lessons?? Probably just me. But there is a scene where they are skipping and dancing and doing somersaults in a field of wildflowers.  Says love to me.


Okay, so here is my favorite scene.  Let me break it down for you:


They actually get to have a prom.  I think it was because Ren was all up in the Rev’s face quoting scriptures at the Town Hall meeting and proved that God does in fact approve of dancing. 


 Almost Paradise is playing at the prom at the flour mill and no one is dancing and the camera is panning the crowd and I almost cried to see all those sweet, innocent, country kids just sitting in the their fine prom wear too scared to dance and I am feeling all sentimental for my prom and remembering what a great dancer I was and then, dude in the blue tux is picking his nose.  I mean not just a subtle little flick the boogie away, but digging like nobody’s business.  Yuck, I am so over this. 


If it was up to me those dumb, non-dancing, fashion-challenged, nose-pickin’ country kids would never have a prom, a dance, a square dance, a mixer, a barn raisin’, a cow milkin’, nothin’.  I mean the blue tux is bad enough, but picking the snoz at the prom.  How disgusting.


I almost forgot about the final fight scene when Willard and Rusty show up and Willard promises not to fight (he is a Penn), but Chuck (Ariel’s ex) shows up too.  Chuck and his goons start punching Willard. Then Ren shows up and Chuck says something like “Here he is… Mr. Dance Fever.” Chuck is so dumb. Kevin Bacon is not Mr. Dance Fever that was, uh, like Danny Terrio.  Rusty (sjp) was right.  Chuck doesn’t have all his dogs barking or cats meowing or cows mooing or ducks quacking.  I think you get my point. 


Then Ren and Willard proceed to kick ass.  Then they go in to the prom and …you guessed it… they dance.  Nothing says I just kicked some ass like a snappy kick ball change.  Okay, so now all the country kids are dancing, everyone is happy, that’s the end, yippee.


All in all, this is a good movie.  I have to admit that I did get up and dance a little.  And you know what?  I still got it.


Oh, I forgot to mention.  Did you know this movie was based on actual events that occurred in Elmore City, OklahomaOklahoma  Rocks!!! 


Here’s a clip just in case you need a visual reminder of this awesome movie:


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