Maybe I’m Just Like My Mother, She’s Never Satisfied

I have to share something with you.  Last night as I was flipping around the channels trying to find something to watch, I came across one of the most inspiring and pivotal movies of our times.  This movie had such a huge impact on my life, it changed me forever.  That movie is “Purple Rain”.  “Purple Rain” made me realize that I would never be able to wear a corset, garter belt and high heels.  Apollonia ruined it for every young girl in America who had dreams of wearing their lingerie on stage.  So I threw out all my lingerie.  No one would ever rock that look like Apollonia.  Well except… for…well…maybe  Madonna, but I digress.


But seriously, this is still a really great movie.  I mean the acting leaves a lot to be desired, but the music is awesome.  Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, and even Morris Day’s The Bird with that weird flap-your-arms-like-wings dance all still great songs.  Best line from The Bird is “girl, you ain’t to fat to fly”.  Classic.  Even Where is My Lover?  Remember Wendy and Lisa?  “Is the water ready?”  They were sexy and hip lesbians before it was sexy and hip to be lesbians.  They were lesbians weren’t they?


Anyway, I just wanted to share my favorite scene with you.  Most people won’t remember this scene, but I think it’s the best.  Let me break it down for you:


It’s right after Apollonia’s lingerie clad performance of I’m a Sex Shooter at The Taste. Apollonia and Morris are in the parking lot drinking from Morris’s silver flask.  They are drunk as most people tend be when drinking from a silver flask in a dark parking lot.  All the sudden the hear the “vroom, vroom” (my attempt at motorcycle sounds) and then The Kid shows up on his motorcycle and runs Morris down and he’s like to Apollonia “GET ON!” and she tries not to, but no woman can resist the magic that is Prince.


So he takes her down somewhere like under the train tunnels or somewhere seedy looking.  She still has on her lingerie and she tries cover herself and he’s like “uh no” and tries to kiss her and she slaps him and he knocks her to the ground and is about to hit her and then he stops because he has moment where he realizes he is “just like his father” (you know, the wife beater). 


So she jumps up and throws the big ol’ silver hoop earring at him.  The earring that he gave her as a token of his affection.  This is not like he said “here baby I bought you some earrings.”  No, this is the almost-sterling-silver-hoop (probably from Claire’s) that he took out of his own precious tiny little ear and gave to her.  And Prince is like “uh, no she din’t”.  And you can tell he is thinking that he could forgive her for a lot of things.  Like going with Morris, singing in her lingerie and even her terrible singing (too bad Prince and Vanity broke up because at least she could sing) but there is no way he can forgive her for throwing his almost-sterling-silver-hoop-most-likely-from-Claire’s-earring, in the dirt.   I love it.


So thanks for letting me share this little walk down purple memory lane with you.  I was never a huge fan of the Royal Purple One but the songs from this movie are just too good and he is just so damn tiny.  


I wonder if they had to get like a kids motorcycle so he wouldn’t look like a munchkin or hurt his tiny little self…


Here is a clip that I found.  The video is not of the best quality, but it does highlight some of the best scenes:

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    charla said,

    JD, What a great idea! I will now share your web site w/ all my friends and family. Most will get the humour or have lived the era. I would love it if you would even branch out to kids flicks and current flicks. You would be an expert at the kid stuff and it would bring back memories for some of us. Thanks!

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